Team Stories

Want to know more about the faces behind CB Local Locksmiths? Then read on…


Craig Bruce

Company Director - Master Locksmith

As a Locksmith with vast experience, I think it is very important to be open about who we are, as many others hide away behind a false facade of experience or knowledge. I personally started my journey back in 2009 as an apprentice Automotive Locksmith with a company called 1st Call Lockouts Ltd.

As a company, 1st Call Lockouts Ltd was a training school and had a MOD contract for teaching this trade, as well as having locksmiths ready to open up or repair anything lock wisely. That could be a safe, a car, or your home, 24/7.

I felt quite lucky in the sense that most locksmiths go on a course and then effectively go live and get their experience as time progresses working on your locks!  No course can teach you as intensely as actually working for a company that essentially teaches the trade and requires you to be the best.

So with that and a lot of long hours and dedication, I became a tutor of locksmithing and became a more well-rounded locksmith than many are thus giving me the edge 11 years on, has now been going since 2015, trading as Local Locksmith.

As the business has grown I now have onboard fully trained staff who have clean DBS checks in place and are fully insured to work on your property. They will where you require, wear shoe covers which we carry on our vehicles, as I feel this is the correct way to conduct our business.

As a previous tutor of the Locksmith industry, I held a certificate for being NCFE approved as well as being on the NNAL (National Network of Approved Locksmiths) list and the ALA (Auto Locksmith Association). As it stands now, I am a registered member of the Police recognised and advised - MLA which is the Master Locksmith Association – 103974.

As the business owner, I ensure that the reputation for a higher level of service via my experience will only continue to blossom, for every job we complete we will continue to grow and employ local people and teach our trade and ethics the way it should be. When you call us you will be talking to an actual locksmith and not a call centre, you will be provided with staff who are polite and courteous, uniformed with identification available and on show. 

The motto for the business is quite simple but it is worded as it will always be:-

First Class Service Without The First Class Prices



Gary Randall


Gary started with us as our unpaid apprentice back in 2017, He was looking to move into this industry as he showed a genuine interest in all things locks. As the Director and having known Gary from when we were kids I felt he was the logical choice of training up.

To take that leap of faith as a business is always a large step, but Gary has more than shown that he is a trustworthy character, and hardworking as well as reliable. He has learned a great deal, and as he was not from a previous Locksmiths he was without any bad habits. Better yet, his approach to problem-solving is on point having had a wealth of mechanical engineering experience.

As Gary had shadowed me daily for over a year, he has had probably the most diverse and complete form of training available. In fact, better than most start-up Locksmiths (and there are lots of them) in our areas who are essentially just learning their trade by practising on your doors and windows.

Gary is the right-hand man in the operation of our successful business,  daily gaining his own reputation for a first-class Locksmith service!