Alarms – Home / Office

What Alarm Do I Need?

With our alarm systems, we carry out the free no-obligation quotation first, with a wide range of different systems we ensure the system that you choose is simply the right option for you.

Anyone happy to quote without speaking to you in-depth or visiting the site should be given a wide berth, alarms are the second go-to security product as the first should always be the physical element of your property, not the deterrent value.

3 Types of Alarms

Alarm systems can be split into three main categories and those are as follows:

1. Non-mobile app keypad orientated alarm which when armed will activate the siren outside to alert neighbours to the burglary in progress, also reducing the time a thief will want to spend removing goods or disturbing the occupants with prices from £349.00 supplied and fitted this is a good call to secure your home or office.

2. Mobile app-controlled and self-monitored systems work as an alarm system but will usually have an internal siren too. The benefits of these over non-mobile app alarms are very straightforward.
Firstly you are notified whilst at home or away, that a particular sensor named on the app has caused the alarm.
Secondly, you are able to deactivate the alarm from anywhere and re-arm the system, and because you are aware of the alert you can then decide what is the next best action to take.
Amongst other benefits any user has the facility from the mobile app to set the alarm off just in case you spot something not right and wish to scare off the thief before they even attempt to get in.
Our prices supplied and fitted for this start at £449.

3. Monitored alarm systems, these systems typically are offered by larger companies and come with features such as a guard response or a Police alert. Now as good as this sounds you will pay a premium and usually be tied into a contract paying roughly £40 per month usually over a five-year period with a non-negotiable buy out in full should you move house or commercial premises. Typically this is all found in the small print.
In our honest opinion, this is a lot more expensive, and ultimately the Police get there when they get there, and a guard faced with two or three masked individuals has minimal impact on what goes on, that is if they even arrive whilst the thieves are onsite!
Ultimately the money overspend could potentially be better spent elsewhere on the property but that’s a choice based on your wants versus needs.

Whats Coming

We aim to provide an alternative to option 3 soon, but without monthly bills or contracts, and will be able to provide a far better solution for you in the very near future.

Where to now?