UPVC Door Locks 

Double Glazed Doors

For many years the euro-style lock has been fitted to uPVC doors. Unfortunately, there has always been a major flaw with them that of late continues to be exploited by burglars. It is called lock-snapping and is the number one way that thieves now get into your home.

So what Do I Do?

Well, the solution is actually quite simple and has been available for a few years now -just fit anti-snap locks.

These are now the only type of lock we use when replacing uPVC door locks as we need the peace of mind to know they will be secure and not be broken (just using a pair of vice grips) within 20 seconds, unlike the old euro type.

The type we use also carries a guarantee (£2000 if thieves get past an Ultion lock) which the manufacture would not supply if they were not fully confident in their product.


You can now even upgrade your door locks to Smart locks too if you want more security plus convenience.

ultion smart DANA.37