Window Locks

Don’t Forget Your Windows

People often consider door security but forget that window locks are also a very important part of their overall property security.
After all, there are far more windows than doors in most houses and offices.

We use a multitude of different types depending on the window material (metal, wood, uPVC) and style (casement, louvre, side hung, top hung, bay, dormer). Often the window locks are an integral part of the door handles but sometimes they can be separate.

Why Not Upgrade at the Same Time

We often also recommend fitting hinge pins as this provides another level of security against forcing the windows open with a crowbar, jemmy or similar.

Check your property now to see whether you should add or update your current window security. If you need any help then remember we give free inspections and advice as well as being able to do the whole job for you quickly and cleanly and most importantly professionally. After all, we are Master Locksmiths by trade.